Luka Veselinovic Delivers Exhilarating Jazz Debut Album Online

KOSO ZA TWITTERThe online release of Luka Veselinovic’s new jazz album “Magnetic Whale” is a formidable effort where the Croatian born artist was inspired as he studied at the Berklee School of Music.                                           Album Preview


World Wide Web – July 3, 2013 Luka Veselinovic is a bass player and composer, who was born in the city of Opatija in Croatia and now resides in Zagreb the capital of Croatia. His debut jazz album “Magnetic Whale” is an exhilarating and thoughtful effort that is a part of the “Veselino Music Project”.

Luka Veselinovic has been a professional musician for ten years.  He has played with many jazz musicians in support of their efforts as a favored ingredient to many musical projects. His new debut album is an exciting effort where Luka Veselinovic leads the way as a composer and director.

Luka Veselinovic’s jazz influences are Dave Holland, Richard Bona, Wayne Shorter, Jach Dejohnette and many more.  The new music debut is also inspired by peaceful atmospheres similar to Esbjorn Swenson Music, Pat Metheany and Wayne Shorter melodies, and contains a Weather Report style of energy.

“Magnetic Whale” features five original compositions, inspired by contemporary jazz and world music styles that combine traditional jazz and “Fusion Latin” grooves to give a “musical pulse” that makes the album sound modern. “Magnetic Whale” also includes a bonus track of one traditional Croatian folk song, “Opatijske Ostarije” in which Luka explores new and empathetic re-harmonization. In the new recordings, Luka Veselinovic is performing bass guitar in the style of upright bass for all of the original pieces of music.

Luka Veselinovic recorded the music in Boston, during his study at Berklee College Of Music where he worked with some of the finest young musicians in school during the summer of 2012 combining vocals with melodies to give the songs more atmosphere and softness, also contrast with the rhythm.

The online debut release of “Magnetic Whale” goes live for digital download at ItunesAmazon mp3 , CDBaby  and other major online music stores on July 17, 2013.  The songs featured on the new music release are:

1. Magnetic Whale
 2. Just This
 3. Mr.Newald
 4. Deep Skin
 5. Endo Sanda Mama
 6. Opatijske Ostarije


Luka’s electric jazz sound with an acoustic approach contains elements of contrast that listeners can really appreciate.

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