Luka Veselinovic -  bassist,  composer, visual artist

Luka was not initially intending to choose the musician life, as he began his studies of art history and painting on Faculty of Humanities and Social sciences in Rijeka .


As a self thought musician, in order to learn more about music,  he attended many jazz seminars in Croatia: Groznjan, Pucisca  in Slovenia: Novo Mesto ( Reggie Workman), In Italy : “Berklee In Umbria” – Peruggia and Masterclass In Siena, where he  had a chance to learn from and play with: Anders Jormin, Eric Harland, Jason Lindner, Furio di Castri, Omer Avital, Avishai Cohen.

As a freelance musician he  participated at international jazz and music festivals as a part of different music projects.

In 2010 he attended a “Five Week Summer Berklee Music Program” in Boston where he had a chance to play in a combo directed by Japanese Trumpet Player, Tiger Okoshi and he was chosen for an all star jazz band line-up.

2011 He received  scholarship for Berklee College Of Music after auditioning and Completed five semesters where Luka had had a chance to work, learn and play  with  Terry Lynne Carrington, Darren Barrett,  Tiger Okoshi, Dave Buda,  Dave Santoro, Bruce Gertz, Barry Smith, Dave Santoro, John Lockwood and others.

During this study in Boston in 2012 he recorded his first (debut) album “Magnetic Whale” with some of the finest  musicians on Berklee College of Music as a leader with his original compositions, while completely mixing and mastering and creating his own cover design personally.

With his original song ”Deep Skin” he has an international collaboration with two time Grammy Award  winners,  hip hop band: “Arrested development” on their album and main single in 2018.

Influenced by different styles of music, but mostly jazz, fusion and contemporary music, … Luka recorded new album: “Romantic Egg Is Going Home” with his  Veselino Jazz Project.

Currently he is working on new audio-visual project and new album “Life Dance” with his new “Veselino Electro Project”. Combining different musical styles, hip hop, funk, jazz, electronic music…. as well as computer and classic video animation.

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